10 de dezembro de 2007


We Can Build A Home Of Hearts That's Going To Last For Eternity

The happiest part about Heaven will be all the souls we'll see there that we won to the Lord, all the ones that we had a share in winning to Him! Our greatest joy is going to be His Love & the love of others, particularly the gratitude & thankfulness of those we helped to get there!

If you really love someone, you will love them all the way!--All the way to Heaven & all the way through eternity! Tell them about Jesus & help them receive Him! Then they'll be saved & you'll have them forever in Heaven! No matter what happens here, you'll meet them over there! But if you don't tell them about Jesus, you'll be parted from them forever! If you're saved & they're not, you'll never see them again.--At least not for a long, long time, & they'll suffer so! Don't let that happen to your loved ones! Tell them about Jesus now so you'll have them for Eternity, together with Him in Heavenly places!

Help us, Lord, to win as many as we possibly can. So much of the World is still unsaved & still needs to know about You & Your Love! Help us, Lord, to impart it to them so we can all be together with You!

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