7 de fevereiro de 2008


If you love Him & delight yourself in the Lord, & work faithfully & try to love others & help them, He'll do anything for you, anything! He'll supply all your need according to His riches in glory! (Phi.4:19) He'll even give you the desires of your heart, anything you want! (Psa.37:4)--Not only whatever you need, but your wants as well!--That's what the Word of God says, these are promises of God, so you should believe them, claim them, & expect God to fulfill them!

Most of God's blessings & rewards are dependent upon your obedience & worthiness, your doing a good job faithfully. The Lord doesn't reward you for loafing, the Lord rewards you for faithful good work. The minute you start obeying & working, God will do His part without fail! He will bless!

May God help you to have faith to believe God & His guarantees, & be willing to obey Him & work at it, to do everything you can do, so that God can do the things you can't do. Are you a good & faithful servant? If so, God will take care of you! The good & faithful servants enter into the joy of their Lord! Here & Now, & There & Then! (Mat.25:21)

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