17 de dezembro de 2007

Thank God

"This Is The Condemnation: That Light Is Come Into The World, But Men Loved Darkness Rather Than Light!"

Why would anyone choose darkness? Because darkness seems easier! The light is blinding & burns out all the darkness. A lot of people are not willing to let the light destroy their old ways & old selves.--And when people reject the Truth, God allows them to believe a lie, because after they reject the truth there's nothing left to believe but a lie!

When you've rejected God, you have no god left but Satan!--Like Adam & Eve in the Garden, when they accepted Satan's lies & believed him instead of God, & stole the forbidden fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil. (See Gen.3.) The greatest sin was not eating of the fruit, but rejecting God's Truth & believing the Devil's lie & obeying him instead of God! Those who want to believe the Devil's lies will believe them!--But the Holy Spirit will show the Lord's children what's true & what isn't.

Thank God for our knowledge of His Word which has brought us out of the darkness of this World into His glorious light & the freedom of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ! "For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: Walk as children of Light!" (Eph.5:8)

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